Cricket’s characters and passion, find all that and more on’s books site

The World Cup every four years is an excellent time for every cricket fan to refresh their knowledge about the game.
A number of books are published in and around the World Cup for fans to pick up and read at leisure.
I have been particularly drawn towards books on personalities in the cricket world who have fashioned our passion for the game. I happen to look for books when I stumbled upon this
I was particularly interested in looking and reading for books on the man called Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There were two books available on the link and I immediately purchased them for my leisure reading. Interestingly, both the Dhoni books were titled Captain Cool. Except one was written by Ayaz Memon and the other by Gulu Ezekiel.
I am happy to say that my decision to buy the books were proved right, because both books were easy read.
There are few other books which caught my fancy, most importantly the biographies of Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid and the big daddy of them all, Sachin Tendulkar. These books gave me an insight into the mind of the great Indian batsmen of the current and past generation.
Similarly the moving tale of Yuvraj Singh’s battle with cancer rendered so beautifully in his autobiography was simply outstanding. If ever you want to read a heart-felt self story, then this is it.
Then there are books about the stories of small town heroes, upcoming stars, interesting tales about dressing room and also the gory details of the match-fixing saga in two separate books are thrilling material to pick up.
If you fancy great cricket writing, then look no further than CLR James’ Beyond A Boundary and Ramachandra Guha’s masterpiece A Corner of A Foreign Field.
Wisden’s dictionary of cricket, international cricket guide 2014 and  its India Almanack are must haves for any cricket fan. But there are a few other to do books also available for buying. These to do books are easy read and will be handy for any upcoming cricket fan.
Obviously the Cricinfo book ‘Talking Cricket’ has its own charm because it combines the best minds of the sport in one platform. What else could you ask for as a die-hard cricket fan.
The biography of India’s first superstar in cricket, Nawab of Pataudi, is something of an eye-opener of the man who changed the face of our cricket. He was a man ahead of his times and was truly the glamour quotient that you needed in a country that was in a socialist time warp. If you don’t pick that up then you would be doing a disservice to your religion, cricket.
Finally, if you like to have a laugh like I do, then do curl up in the bed with the funny take of the passion created in every fan by one man, Tendulkar.
Vikram Sathaye’s funny tale of “How Sachin Destroyed My Life”, will make you laugh and relate to every instance that your life has coincided with the Tendulkar story.
So, why wait? Join in and buy your favourite book at

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